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The press for Jenn’s latest movie, the comedy “No Hard Feelings” has begun! Check out the red carpet for the UK premiere of the featured film down below. I’ll add more updates as I can, enjoy!

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Here are the pictures from the red carpet of the premiere of the movie ‘Anatomy Of a Fall‘ during the 76th Annual Cannes Film Festival. Jenn looks STUNNING in her red dress. Check them out below.

Hi guys! Sorry I have been late on the updates, I ran into issues with my computer BUT I have it all figured out now. Last Sunday, JLaw attended the ‘Bread And Roses‘ Photocall at the 76th Annual Cannes Film Festival. Here are the pictures, enjoy!

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“You only oppress women,” the young woman says to the Taliban fighter.

“I told you not to talk,” he shouts back, “I will kill you right here!”

“Okay, kill me!” she replies, raising her voice to match his. “You closed schools and universities! It’s better to kill me!”

A camera phone has secretly, and shakily, captured this direct confrontation inside a car between the woman and the militant.

She had just been arrested following a protest and was about to be taken to a holding cell in Kabul.

It is a scene from the documentary Bread and Roses, which explores the day-to-day lives of three women in the weeks following the takeover.

The producer is the Oscar-winning actress, Jennifer Lawrence, who is telling the BBC why this moment in the film is so significant to her.

“My heart was beating so fast watching these women defy the Taliban,” Lawrence says. “You don’t see this side of the story, women fighting back, in the news every day and it’s an important part of our film, and the stories of these women.”

She says it is devastating to think about the sudden loss of control Afghan women have endured.

“They currently have no autonomy within their country. It is so important for them to be given the opportunity to document their own story, in their own way.”

The film has been made by Excellent Cadaver, the production company Lawrence set up in 2018 with her friend Justine Ciarrocchi.

“This documentary was born out of emotion and necessity,” says Lawrence, who describes feeling helpless and frustrated about what she was seeing on the news.

Ciarrocchi says that Lawrence “had a seismic reaction to the fall of Kabul in 2021 because the circumstances were so dire for women”.

“And she said, ‘We’ve got to give somebody a platform to tell this story in a meaningful way.'”

That somebody was Sahra Mani, a documentary maker who co-founded the independent Kabul production company, Afghan Doc House.

Both Lawrence and Ciarrocchi had watched her critically acclaimed documentary A Thousand Girls Like Me, which profiles a 23-year-old Afghan woman who goes on national television to expose sexual abuse by her father, after being ignored by her family and the police.

Ciarrocchi tracked down Mani, who said that she had already begun a project, following three women in the country as they tried to establish some kind of autonomy in the months following the Taliban takeover, as girls and women were barred from universities and schools.

Mani filmed using covert cameras, and even asked the women to film themselves at safehouses with their friends and families.

Another sequence captures a secret meeting in a windowless basement, off a side street in Kabul. More than a dozen women sit in rows of desks and chairs, arranged like a makeshift classroom. Steam rises from the drinks in their plastic cups.

They do not know each other, but all are from different groups who protested after the Taliban retook Afghanistan in August 2021.

One of the women, a dentist called Zahra, has led the viewer to this secret meeting. When she speaks to the group, she reminisces about wearing high heels and perfume and going to the park with her friends. The women around her smile.

Then a writer named Vahideh starts speaking.

“Women must write their own history,” Vahideh says passionately to the group, to murmurs of agreement. “Women are not properly celebrated around the world.”

Mani was well aware of the challenges of filming in such private and dangerous situations.

“I understand how to deal with difficulties because I am one of them.

“They are not victims,” she says, “they are heroes.”

But getting the balance right between keeping the women safe and telling their story was not easy. She tells the BBC that there were several late-night conversations between her, Ciarrocchi and Lawrence during the production process.

“They were there whenever I faced any issues or problems,” Mani says. “When women unite, everything is possible.”

With Mani and the other women featured now all out of the country, the producers felt comfortable submitting Bread and Roses for wider distribution, starting at Cannes.

Ciarrocchi and Lawrence say their next challenge is to get the film in front of a large audience – not always easy when the story is a snapshot of an ongoing and devastating conflict.

“There’s not an end to this story,” says Lawrence, “and you feel pretty much helpless when thinking about how to do anything about it. It’s a hard thing to market.”

As women executive producers, Ciarrocchi and Lawrence are still in the minority in Hollywood. A 2022 study from the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film showed that women comprised only 24% of directors, writers and producers in the top-grossing films, a decrease from 2021.

“I think there’s a long, long way to go, but I do feel inspired and positive by the end product when you have more diversity in filmmaking,” says Lawrence. “It’s what people want. The audiences want it.”

Ciarrocchi adds: “That’s why we take the responsibility of Jen’s platform so seriously as a woman who’s giving opportunities to other women… to employ women, to tell women’s stories, to always employ a diverse body of people.”

“That’s also because I am a woman,” replies Lawrence.

“I’m lucky enough to not have the biased idea that women aren’t as good at things!”

Jennifer Lawrence has wanted to do a big comedy for years. She has always been funny and vibrant in her television appearances. And while she has brought humor and physical comedy to many of her roles for David O. Russell and others, she also hasn’t exactly gotten the big, broad “Dumb and Dumber” or “Anchorman” experience, to cite some of her favorites (or at least the ones she’s memorized).

That changes this summer with “ No Hard Feelings ” (in theaters June 23), a classic, raunchy R-rated comedy that was tailor made for her.

“I’ve always wanted to do a comedy. And I’ve read a lot of them,” Lawrence told The Associated Press last week in Las Vegas. “I just didn’t read anything that was funny enough.”

“No Hard Feelings” was inspired by a real Craigslist ad posted by parents who were seeking a woman to “date” their son to bring him out of his shell the summer before he went to college. There are debates over just how real the “real ad” was, but thinking about the woman who might answer an ad like that was a premise funny enough to catch the attention of several producers and writer-director Gene Stupnitsky.

Stupnitsky, an Emmy-nominated alum of “The Office” who also directed and co-wrote the 2019 hit “Good Boys,” knew just who to take it to. He told Lawrence about the idea one night at dinner with friends in which, he estimated, they had had about “eight or nine martinis between us.”

The two met over a decade ago, through a mutual friend, at Medieval Times of all places. Lawrence, he remembered, was dressed in a full wizard costume. And they soon became actual friends. He even introduced Lawrence to her husband.

“I owed him one,” Lawrence said. “That’s why I did this film.”

Stupnitsky, sitting next to Lawrence, added: “There’s probably some truth to that.”

With Lawrence attached to star and produce, the movie became a hot commodity, with streaming services and studios vying for the rights to make it. Ultimately, they went with Sony and a traditional theatrical release.

“The reason I wrote this movie for her is because I knew how funny she was and I wanted everyone else to know. I mean, people know she’s funny but they wanted her in a comedy. I thought, yes I know how to do this. I know how to write her voice,” Stupnitsky said. “I remember I told her, ‘I really want you to experience a feeling of sitting in a theater with hundreds of people laughing.’ She’s had many, many experiences in film, but she hasn’t quite had this one.”

In “No Hard Feelings,” Lawrence’s character Maddie is having a rough stretch with money. As an Uber driver without a car she’s in a pressing bind. So when she finds this ad with the promise of a Buick Regal as payment, she takes the bait. In a clip that Sony debuted for theater owners at the CinemaCon convention last week, Maddie meets 19-year-old Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman) for the first time wearing a slim, hot pink mini dress and high heels and acting overtly flirty and available.

“She’s dressed like what she thinks is a 19-year-old’s idea of a sex fantasy. And she’s wrong,” Stupnitsky said. “He’s like the one kid who she can’t seduce.”

The situation escalates from there as she tries to give him a ride home. He thinks he’s being abducted and, as anyone who has watched the red-band trailer knows, it ends with her getting pepper sprayed. But there’s a sweet core to the film too.

“He is longing for a connection, which is what she needs as well but doesn’t know it yet,” Stupnitsky said. “She wants to get the car and move on with her life. But he’s forcing her to kind of take things slow and get to know him and be intimate, in a way, with him in a platonic sort of way.”

The experience, Lawrence said, was a blast, helped by her connection with her younger co-star.

“We just laughed all day long,” she said. “Sometimes I would get in bed after work and just like, giggle before going to sleep, just thinking about the day. I was also sad for making it because I was like, ‘God, I’m just I’m not going to have one of these again. This is this is so singular.’”

As a producer on the film, Lawrence has already gotten to watch it with an audience and experience that big, communal laughter that Stupnitsky promised.

“I went to a test screening and sat in back,” she said. “It was pretty extraordinary.”

Every film, she knows, is a gamble but she’s pretty confident about “No Hard Feelings.”

“You really never know. You might think audiences want this and they don’t. And I’ve certainly had my experiences with that,” she said. “It’s a mix of instinct and looking at the information that you have. I knew what we had was the funniest movie that anybody would have ever seen — I have no doubts about that—and I knew that Gene was the one that could do it.”

It’s also Lawrence’s first major theatrical release in a few years, since the 2019 X-Men movie “Dark Phoenix.” Her recent films have been primarily streaming releases with Netflix’s “Don’t Look Up” and Apple’s “Causeway,” which she also produced.

“I think audiences are really going to remember why they love her,”Stupnitsky said.

Lawrence laughed: “I look much better 12 feet high.”


It’s finally time for movie press for Jenn’s ‘No Hard Feelings‘ and I am so ready! Jennifer attended the opening night of CinemaCon 2023 for ‘No Hard Feelings’ last night. Check out the pictures down below!

It’s here! The first two posters for JLaw’s upcoming movie ‘No Hard Feelings’ is here! Check them out on our gallery down below!

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